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MONTANI SEMPER LIBERI – Mountaineers are always free.

WV Against Common Core is a project of WV Constitutional Advocates.

We rise in opposition to the Common Core Initiative that will nationalize education and create a national data bank of our children.

We view Common Core as a train wreck – for our families, for our state, and for our nation. This is not just about Standards.  This is about loss of local control of our schools.

President Lincoln told us, “The philosophy of education today will be the philosophy of government tomorrow.”  The Founders knew this too.  They knew that education must not be left in the hands of the current prevailing political party, and they wisely left education to the states with the 10th Amendment.

We can not allow the conversation to be just about standards.  This is a struggle over who will control our education system.
If we lose control, we lose our children.
If we lose our children, we lose our nation.
If we lose, this may very well be the final battle to save our America.

Chief JUSTICE John ROBERTS said, ” The states are separate and independent sovereigns.  Sometimes they have to act like it.”

We appeal to the citizens of West Virginia to help educate our law makers and take the advice of Justice Roberts.

Senator Donna Boley has been relentless in her efforts to inform her legislative peers about common core. She sits on the WV Senate Education Committee. Several months ago, she began asking fellow Senators if they had heard of common core. Very few had heard of it.

This is not unique to WV.  Legislatures across the country have been left out of the common core loop with deliberate deception and a very well executed plan.

We must educate our legislators, get them to listen to the experts. and then craft and pass  laws to stop common core in WV, withdraw from the SBAC, and forbid the release of our student data.

We must all remind ourselves of our inherited obligation of citizenship, and remember that Ben Franklin told us…

If you need more information please contact us at wvagainstcommoncore@wvconstitutionaladvocates.com.