WV Senator Boley and WV Delegate Butler Join Forces to Save Our Students


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February 16, 2015


WV SENATOR DONNA BOLEY                                 WV DELEGATE JIM BUTLER

304 357-7905                                                                   304 340-3199



(SB 362 and HB 2774)


WV Senator Donna Boley and WV Delegate Jim Butler, with co-sponsors, Senators Blair, Karnes, and Leonhardt, and with Delegates Azinger, Cadle, Frich, Gearheart, Kelly, McGeehan, Moffatt, J. Nelson, Ihle, and R. Smith, have introduced companion “SOS” (SAVE OUR STUDENTS) legislation to stop Common Core in WV, and to develop the best educational standards for WV students.

The twin SOS Bills will rid WV of Common Core Standards in mathematics and English language arts, and eliminate any testing of the Common Core Standards.

The SOS bills require temporary implementation of the tried, tested, and proven pre-Common Core Massachusetts standards while establishing a Commission to develop new WV standards. The SOS Bills also place restrictions on student data, prohibit the ceding of authority over our standards, and most importantly, affirm the fundamental rights of parents to direct the education of their children, including Opting Out of assessments without penalty to students, teachers, or schools.

Senator Boley: “I am pleased and proud to be joined by members of the House in our efforts to bring better educational standards to WV. Together, we will create a system that places students as the top priority instead of test results and national standards.”

Delegate Butler: ” I am happy to introduce a bill to provide a way to develop standards that are truly better for our students; standards that really are developed by qualified West Virginia teachers.  We will eliminate excessive testing and focus on teaching, rather than jumping on a poorly conceived bandwagon”.

Both SOS bills have been assigned to their respective Education Committees. Amendments will be added to SB 362 to make it identical to HB 2774.

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