While Parents Were Sleeping…and Why They Need to Wake Up!

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by Bonnie Henthorn, 10.23.2014

220px-FlaggWakeUpAmericaNow is the time to right the wrongs being done to our children.

Many people in my generation are just not interested in politics and some ask why I post so much political stuff on Facebook, so I thought perhaps as we look toward election day, it would be a good time to explain my perspective (yours may be different and that is fine given that we were all intended to be individuals and not a part of the collective!).


I was (and still am) just a ‘regular’ person….Up and until about two years ago, I was not involved in politics at all, oblivious to the happenings in Charleston and Washington, DC. I was under the assumption that our elected officials were doing their jobs, similar to the way that I did my job. I voted for “the devil we know” instead of the “devil we don’t know” right? Perhaps that’s just like you (or maybe not)?


I was wrapped up in my own life, job, kids, church, volunteering at school … all the things that make us way too busy to pay attention to what is and has been going on in the world around us on the political landscape. So everything was going fine until…


I started reading my kid’s Weekly Reader and thought to myself, that doesn’t sound right. So I started looking a bit closer to what they were doing in school and wondered why are we doing it this way, or that way, it makes no sense. And as my friends on Facebook know, I became involved in the Common Core debate.


I read all that I could, both from the State’s perspective and from outside national experts and came to realize that I’d been asleep for awhile …. too long! I began reflecting on how it was when I was in school, the interaction with the teachers that I had, the way I learned how to enjoy learning so that as an adult that continued and I began to compare and contrast, between now and then.


What I began to realize is that it isn’t about education, it IS about politics, control and power. So while education was what caused me to begin to question, what happened was that I found out exactly what that ‘fundamental transformation of America’ was all about and it had very little to do with our current President. I found that it has been going on for years, on both sides of the aisle, for many, many years and that under the guise of education we have been training our children to be subservient, uneducated, consumer, worker-bees.

A few questions that I began to consider were:


-In a nation that is supposed to value individual freedom more than anyone else in the world, how could it be possible that we need more and more regulation each and every year? So many proposed regulations, at both the state and federal level, that it is completely impossible for our representatives to read even a portion of them, let alone all of them (enter Obamacare).


-In a country where our representatives are supposed to represent our interests, yet when they review legislation, they ‘talk’ about it, but never read the fine print, thus allowing unintended rules and regulations to overtake us, unintentionally? Or maybe not, but is this what the founder’s intended (again, enter Obamacare and numerous other pieces of legislation and regulation, including Common Core).


– In a country where we always believed in the American Dream, we have become a society of getting by, teaching children that someone will always take care of you so there is no need to excel, and teaching our children that the only reason for education is to get a job! Is that what education is supposed to be about?


Some things that I learned were:


– That business as usual in Charleston in our State government is indicative of and mirrors what happens in Washington, DC … it’s all about power, money and control! Freedom has become second, third, or maybe even last on the list of important issues that our governments concern themselves with.


– Our state and federal government has handed over too much control and power to unaccountable and unelected agencies who are free to roam around and do whatever they like, with no one really knowing what they are doing until the damage has been done.

– We have accepted, as a society, the anti-American sentiments that once were the fringe of our society, and we engrain in our children that they should feel ashamed to be American, feel ashamed that they are human and that they are just another animal that came about because of the big bang.


– We, as a society, have made it okay to push political and social agendas upon children, a captive audience who have no choice (based upon law), but to listen, conform, and answer questions according to ‘acceptable social behaviors of the day’ whether morally right or wrong according to the parent’s perspective (by default, devaluing parental moral value systems). These are our children, who are not developed enough to understand the ‘agendas’ being pushed upon them! We have taught them to react and evaluate information based upon emotion rather than by fact and have limited their ability to evaluation information fairly and objectively. We are and have been killing the inherent spirit within children to see the truth and beauty in life, by forcing conformance and devaluing individuality and independent thought, to value instead, the popular notions of the day (global warming, social justice, acceptable and unacceptable moral conduct, etc.). In our state, we tout that ‘education IS social justice’.


– And probably the most disturbing is that it was all done while all of us ‘regular’ people were asleep, too busy to realize what has been happening and trusting those who did not deserve that trust.


So when someone asks me why I post political and controversial topics on Facebook, I have to say that:


– It is only through reading and thinking about controversial topics that we learn. We must think upon what is important, and what the underlying intentions are of our laws and regulations.


– We conservatives, and those who believe in personal responsibility and the American Dream, are way behind the opposing side who believe that American needs to be ‘fundamentally transformed’, and need to quickly and urgently educate ourselves to what has been happening and join together and figure out a way to stop it.

– Our system of self-government (the portion that still remains as it was intended), gives us a way to exercise our right to make changes in representatives when warranted and to choose those who represent our values.


So, yes, I post many political articles, controversial articles and topics that I think are important for our society to think about on Facebook. There is an urgency that I feel and I can no longer stand by with a ‘business as usual’ attitude.


The day has come when everyone, in my opinion, needs to pay a bit of attention to what is going on politically and socially, if we intend to be viable as the country we were intended to be. The truth is somewhere in the middle of the arguments on both sides, it is our job as the ‘adults in the room’ to guide our children and grandchildren, so they do not become slaves in the new world economy.




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  1. Eric says:


    Look at the new science curriculum that has the suggested 11th grade science as “physical science”. This is a general science class. Instead of chemistry students are now encouraged to take this (if it is implemented – comments close on 01 November). This means only a select few will even take chemistry and be ill prepared for university.

    It is scary what the educrats are doing. I am an educator and am seriously worried about the future of the nation. Look at the US News & World Report High School rankings and see the percentage of college ready students in each school in WV – most are less than 10% !!!

  2. Joan Eads says:

    I am a grandparent but have done some reading and checking into Common Core and cannot go along with the info I have read and/or heard. I am most frustrated that those I mention it to have not heard anything about it and don’t really appear to be concerned. One person that I thought would/should be informed about it just commented that she thought it had become mostly a political issue and that she wasn’t really concerned; however, she did admit that she had not researched it enough to know.

    I want to thank you for taking a stand.