WV Statewide Coalition to Stop Common Core

Filed in Action Items by on September 7, 2014

4ianHJoin the WVACC Coalition to Stop Common Core in West Virginia.

Stay updated, informed, and ready for a “call to action.”


and (optional): your phone, and the names of your state senators and state delegates

to:        wvstopcc@gmail.com


(to be removed from the coalition, send request to:  wvstopcc@gmail.com)


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  1. Ella Bell says:

    Do something to stop this insanity. Our children’s future is in jeopardy. We must take a stand NOW.

  2. Ella Bell says:

    We must stand up for our children. No child should have to spend hours learning a philosophy of math. My daughter and son-in-law (both with college degrees) have a difficult time knowing how to do 3rd grade math.

  3. Jim says:

    9 year old grandson is totally frustrated and wants to stay home from school. He is being left behind.

  4. carolyn says:

    We are fighting to get my granddaughter to take study hall instead of math in Jefferson County and they are trying to say it can’t be one….more later.

  5. carolyn says:

    The schools is fighting us! Help. We can’t let them win this.