Top Ten Things Parents Hate About Common Core

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Joy_Pullmann_Headshots-17By Joy Pullman, September 24, 2014

This is the year new national Common Core tests kick in, replacing state tests in most locales, courtesy of an eager Obama administration and the future generation’s tax dollars. It’s also the first year a majority of people interviewed tell pollsters they’ve actually heard of Common Core, four years after bureaucrats signed our kids onto this complete overhaul of U.S. education.

Common Core has impressed everyone from Bill Gates to U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan. So why do 62 percent of parents think it’s a bad idea? For one, they can count. But their kids can’t.  click to continue reading

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  1. GloriaMaria B. Tabler says:

    I can see the true horror of CC and the great damage it can & will cause if not eliminated. What can I do as a mama living in Morgan Hil,l Ca. I tell mama’s of Freedomworks but I don’t think that is enough because our principal at “El ToRo” every Mon. morning at assembly tells the CC mantra, which makes me sick to my stomach.