Governor Tomblin Unaware of Common Core Backlash in WV

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Stop-Common-CoreWV Against Common Core mailed a letter to the Governor August 11, 2014 in response to an article in the

Click here for a pdf file of our letter to Governor Tomblin.

Please let the Governor know if you have concerns about Common Core in WV schools.


The Honorable Earl Ray Tomblin                                        August 11, 2014

Governor of West Virginia

State Capitol

1900 Kanawha Blvd, East

Charleston, WV 25305

Dear Governor Tomblin:

For the past year, WV Against Common Core (WVACC) has traveled the state seeking to raise awareness of problems with Common Core Standards, their associated tests, the massive expansion and access to the student data base, and the untold associated costs that will filter down to counties and their citizens.

We have met with many groups including the WV State Board of Education, members of the WV Department of Education, legislators and legislative Education Chairs, the WV Farm Bureau, the WV Grange, the WV GOP, various county school boards, multiple civic groups, and other concerned citizens. In Harrison County last year, a meeting was held for a public discussion between the WV DOE, WVACC, Harrison County school officials, and concerned citizens.

Consequently, the WV Farm Bureau, the WV Grange, and the WV GOP have all unanimously passed resolutions opposing Common Core in WV schools. And last December, WVACC mailed you a proposal requesting a two year moratorium on the assessments while we held statewide public hearings on Common Core. In the 2014 legislative session, both Senator Boley and Delegate Butler introduced legislation indicating opposition to Common Core, and Senator Boley has repeatedly requested a meeting with you regarding Common Core.

We are therefore, extremely puzzled and disturbed to learn, as was reported in the The Journal-news, that you, as the Governor of WV, are uninformed as to the Common Core backlash occurring in your state.–State-education-system-still-improving.html?nav=5006

In order to raise your awareness of the Common Core concerns and the resulting backlash in WV, we respectfully invite you and all state legislators to our Statewide Town Hall Forum on Common Core to be held Sunday, August 24, 2014, 6:00pm, at the Courtyard Marriott in Bridgeport, WV.

At the Forum, you will have the opportunity to hear the world’s most formidable expert on educational standards. Should you want to meet with Dr. Stotsky during her WV visit, we will try to accommodate your wishes.

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Please note that our Common Core concerns and this public forum is NOT a political issue, nor a political event. We encourage you and all legislators to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity for information. A refusal by anyone to attend this forum based on political party affiliation is in itself politicizing Common Core and is not in the best interest of West Virginia children.

Also, please note, this letter is mailed to you certified with return receipt to help ensure that you, personally, read it. This letter will be publically posted on our website:

and on our FaceBook:

Your response, when received, will also be posted.

We respectfully request your attendance and look forward to seeing you at our forum.


Angela Summers

WV Against Common Core  (Please RSVP to:

cc: Jenni Vincent, Dr. Sandra Stotsky

Attachments: Forum Flyer,

Does Common Core Add Up?, The State Journal (

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  1. Crystal Graham says:

    My daughter will be attending 1st grade tomorrow at Tennerton Elementary school in Upshur County. I am concerned on how she will be learning math under Common Core. Common Core makes adding and subtracting so much harder than it needs to be. Please have our great state of West Virginia to drop Common Core as other states have done. If other states have dropped it, then you know something is wrong.

  2. wvagainstcommoncore says:

    Crystal and all, Please come to our forum Sunday, August 24, 6pm at the Courtyard Marriott in Bridgeport.
    It will be up to us to change the direction of education in WV. So far the State Board, the legislature, and the Governor are pretty much ignoring our concerns. We need you to show up at this forum to hear the truth about Common Core standards and to show the Governor and legislature this is a critical problem that concerns our citizens and must be addressed in the next legislative session. We must STOP COMMON CORE, the associated statewide assessments, and the expansion and access to our student data. Show Up and Show your concern!