The Mama Bear Factor

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tyler consolidate hsSeveral months ago, WV Against Common Core developed a slide presentation for the purpose of educating our legislators, school boards, parents, and the public on the train wreck called Common Core.  Monday, October 7th, the Tyler County Board of Education granted us time on their agenda to share our concerns.

It was a packed house in the beautiful Tyler Consolidated High School library.  Many parents and teachers had come to learn more about the growing controversy and opposition to Common Core. But this post is not about our presentation.  This post is about a Tyler County Mom named Bonnie Henthorn.  Bonnie has two children in Tyler County schools and she had also requested time to be heard at the Board meeting.

During her presentation, I was reminded of the articulate and very savvy Utah Mom, Christel Swasey, speaking about the “Mama Bear Factor.”  The Mama Bear Factor is that Factor which the likes of Arne Duncan, Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, and Exxon Mobil never considered….and here it was on display in Tyler County, West Virginia.

Bonnie began her presentation by commending the local teachers and assuring them she was not there to criticize them, but rather her concerns were about what teachers were being forced to teach in the classrooms.  We listened spellbound as Bonnie recounted real examples and genuine concerns for the usurpation of parental rights, the encroachment of government into daily lives, and our school system’s path to mediocrity.  The Mama Bear Factor was on display.

As more and more parents realize Common Core can only culminate in the ruination of classrooms across America and ultimately the erosion of the precious minds of our children, the Mama Bear Factor will rise.  It is the Mama Bear Factor that data miners, profiteers, and power mongers who think they know best for everyone, never considered.  It is the Mama Bear Factor that can save our children.

Thank you, Bonnie, for bravely standing up for all children and proudly displaying the Mama Bear Factor.  You are an inspiration to all of us.

Bonnie has granted us permission to post her presentation.  The video sound is not great so I am posting her narrative as well.  We gave Bonnie a standing ovation.  We think you will too.


Narrative and PPT:     Bonnie HenthornCOMMONCORE PPT



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